spd: Program designerΒΆ

The Sculptor program designer is a Windows application that allows developers to create, test and modify Sculptor programs. The program is located in the directory $SCULPTOR/bin, and is called spd.exe.

Windows and objects defined in a Sculptor program source file(s) are displayed on the program designer screen, exactly as they would appear if the compiled code were run. They may be moved, resized, deleted, edited and copied. This allows the appearance and layout of windows and the objects contained in them to be designed while actually viewing them. When the program is saved, the designer modifies the source file and any included files accordingly. The program may be compiled and run from within the designer.

An object tree window is provided to facilitate object selection. Pixel grids and character grids are both supported, and a range of layout options is available for positioning and aligning window controls.

Projects may be created, allowing configuration settings such as source and executable directories, compilation and execution scripts, templates and application workspace size to be defined for all programs in the project.

Amendments can be made by editing the source code, by manipulating windows and controls with the mouse, or by entering property values in a property sheet. A menu editor is provided for the creation and editing of menu items and subitems, and a record editor for defining field lists in temporary record structures.

As well as windows and visible window controls, the following objects can be declared, modified or deleted:

Temporary fields (!temp)

Temporary record structures (!record)

Sculptor keyed files (![o]file)

Configurable text files (!text)

User defined functions (!function)

ODBC databases and database cursors