spd - command line syntax

The program designer is called spd.exe, and is located in the directory $SCULPTOR/bin. It has the command line syntax:

spd [-fvVhHkiI] [-Dsymbol[=*text*]] [filename]


The name of the Sculptor source file which is to be edited. The file must have a .r or .f extension. Files with a .f extension may not include report logic. If the extension is omitted, the designer first looks for a file with the name provided and a .r extension; if that fails it looks for a file with a .f extension. The file name may be omitted if an existing program is not to be loaded. A program may be loaded, or a new program created, from within the program.

-v, -V

Displays version information before loading the program designer.

-h, -H

Displays a help window listing these options before loading the program designer.


Define the manifest constant symbol.

If the optional text is specified, the manifest constant is given that value. All occurrences of symbol within the source file will be replaced by text.

If text is not specified the manifest constant is defined, but with a null value.

Note that this entire flag construction may not contain any spaces, as a space denotes the start of the next command line flag. The text must therefore be a single word, and spaces may not be inserted before or after the = sign. Symbols defined in this way remain defined for the duration of the session with the program designer, whether or not new files are loaded.


Since Sculptor version 6.0.4 spd changes it’s current working directory to the program file directory. This ensures that it works correctly when “open with” is used. When starting from a command line, use the new -k option if you need to stop spd changing directory.


Since Sculptor version 6.0.4 a new !compat fontfix has been introduced. This flag may be useful when creating new programs. If set in an existing program, the screen layout should be checked. Currently, spd does not detect this setting automatically. Start spd with the -f option to make it compatible with the !compat fontfix=1

Since Sculptor version 6.3.0 spd detects !compat fontfix=1 automatically.

-i, -I

Since Sculptor version 6.2.0 this option makes !include and ![o]file relative to the including file directory (no matter where we are opening from)


The Sculptor program designer