Sculptor 6.3 Reference Guide

Release: 6.3.10
Date: Jan 24, 2023

Main 6.3 new features

  • This release adds the ability to execute sagewc and srepwc in Unix/Linux 64 bit platforms.

  • Added a new set of sequential file commands, called fcmds.

  • Many more features have beed added, see all the new features.

Main 6.2 new features

Main 6.1 new features

  • These services have been added:

  • Three Keyed file pure client libraries have been added (.Net, Java & C++). These can only access Sculptor files through kfserver/kfservnt (The Java library can be used in Android).

  • Many more features have beed added, see all the Sc61 features.

Main 6.0 new features

  • An SQL engine has been implemented in kfserver server and kfservnt service. This engine, permits the access (SELECT) and modification (INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE) of Sculptor keyed files using standard SQL queries.

    The sql shell command permits the connection to local or remote Scultpor SQL Engines, making it possible to execute interactive or script SQL commands on the SQL Engine.

    A native Sculptor ODBC implementation (scodbc), now permits any program to connect to the Sculptor SQL Engine through ODBC (on Windows and through unixODBC on unix and linux platforms)

  • A usefull sort() function has been added to sort field arrays or records of arrays.

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