New in version 6.1.0: See the new features.

Sculptor Mirror on server service

This service is a way to specify which keyed files must be mirrored and where. Without the need to specify anything in client programs.

The service is configured by maintaining a Sculptor Keyed file with a list of files that must be or must not be mirrored, with the information needed to localise the remote mirrored destination.

This mirror on server service has been implemented in kfserver/kfservnt as well as directly in sage/srep stand-alone applications.

How it works

The mirror on server service uses a keyed file to configure the files to mirror.

The setting up of the whole mirror on server service can be done with the suplied $SCULPTOR/sbin/mirrormgt program. This is the recomended way of configuring it, but can also be configured directly modifying the keyed file.

Mirror Database reuse

The system checks to see if a new mirror database needs to be created by checking if another mirror database has already been created in the same thread with the same mirrorDbType, mirrorDbSource and mirrorDbFlags. In that case we use the same Database.

Force no mirror

A Sculptor program a command has been added: force_no_mirror to specify the no mirror flag on a keyed file ( (useful for special Sculptor “system” keyed files for example). The equivalent thing may be done in the .NET keyed file library by using the option KF_NO_MIRROR in the kfOpenFile/kfOpenTable methods.

Disable/enable a mirror on server

Two functions have been added to the language to make it posible to disable or enable a previously disabled mirror.

Sculptor programs affected

  • kfserver/kfservnt: All clients using the server, including ScODBC and sql command access.

  • sage/srep: As stand alone programs accessing directly the files.