Sculptor provides server programs that run on a database server in a network. Client machines connect to a server, operations are performed on behalf of the client and the results sent back over the network. These operations can take place within a local office network or over the Internet.

The Sculptor server program for UNIX and non-service versions of Windows is called kfserver. A service version, kfservnt, is available for Windows Server platforms. These programs are described in detail under Sculptor server programs.

kfsmonw and kfsmonc are management programs for servers on Windows and UNIX respectively.

The remote server manager, remmon, is no longer supported since Sculptor version 6.0.0.

Extensive security features are provided, allowing configuration of user permissions for access to Sculptor keyed files and sequential files, and to execute applications on the server.

The Sculptor client/server environment also supports efficient mechanisms for downloading programs from server to client. See Running Sculptor programs on a server.

Since Sculptor version 6.0.3 the process and thread prorities at the operating server level can be modified.


The UNIX server program kfserver

The Windows server program kfserver

The Windows server service program kfservnt

Setting up kfservnt

Starting and stopping server programs

Server functions

Windows service management functions

The Sculptor debug record lock tool

Disconnecting a client

Returning information about a client

Returning information about a server

Storing times and dates from a server

Sculptor services