New in version 6.1.0: See the new features.

Server cache service

This service is a way to force KfServer/KfServNt to load files in memory so that the Operating System keeps them in a memory cache. In that way subsequent file access may be faster.

The interface to the service has been implemented only in the SQL engine, which means that the sql command or scodbc driver must be used.

How it works

The server cache service permits the creation of a list of keyed files. For each keyed file we can specify the main data file, specific keyed file indexes, all keyed file indexes or a combination. This list of files can then be “commited” which means load the listed files into memory and make use of the Operating System cache. We provide a Sculptor custom set of SQL commands to control this operation.

The service has a number of options which affect synchronous or asynchronous execution and the server cache thread priority etc.

At any one time the service will be in one of the states (uninitialised, initialised, prepared, committing or committed)

An example is provided.