Setting up kfservnt

Sculptor 5.8.1 introduced new server control features and server management programs, which greatly simplify and automate many of the steps previously required in setting up the Sculptor Windows service kfservnt.

The general procedure for setting up kfservnt under all versions of Windows is as follows:

  1. Create an account for kfservnt to use.

    kfservnt requires that an account be set up. Two pre-defined accounts are provided: LocalSystem and NT Authority\Network Service. See for Server Control for full details of these accounts.

    Otherwise a dedicated account must be created for the Sculptor server. The account name “kfservnt” is suggested, but any name can be used. An existing account can also be used if suitable. On Windows Server 2003, if security is not an issue, the Administrator account can be used.

    This account must be given all the permissions needed by the programs that will connect to kfservnt. It is not possible to specify exactly what these will be for any particular case; however, the account must have appropriate access (read, write or full control) to all files and directories that client programs will access, and also to all other Windows features for which access is controlled at account level, that will be used by client programs.

    The account should be given a password that will not expire and must have network access rights.

    After the account has been created, enter its name as “\UserName” if using the built-in domain, otherwise as “Domain\UserName”.

    The procedure for creating an account under Windows varies according to the version of Windows in use, and also according to other Windows configuration issues, such as whether or not Active Directories are being used. The general procedure is to use the Windows Computer Management tool and to refer to Windows documentation as necessary.

  2. Run kfsmonw to set up Server Control information and start the service.

    Once the account has been created, or the decision to use the Local System account has been made, run the kfsmonw program. Open the Server Control window and enter the following information:


    Select a startup option and enter the binary pathname for kfservnt.exe. These are documented fully under Server Control.


    Enter the name of the account to be used as .\AccountName if using the built-in domain, or as DomainName\AccountName if using a domain.


    Enter the account’s password.


    Click the Create Service button. This gives the account the right to log on as a service, if not already set.


    To start the service immediately, check the Allow Remote Manager and Debug Locks options if required, select Use Windows Service (kfservnt) and then click the Start Service button. (Note that Debug Locks is a tool for debugging logging conflicts, and is not recommended for normal use.)


    Close the Server Control window. The kfsmonw program can be stopped and started as required. The kfservnt service will continue to run and to accept client connections.



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