New in version 6.1.0: See the new features.

System Sculptor files relocation service

This service is a way to specify the location of all the Sculptor system files (all keyed files and json configuration files located inside the $SCULPTOR directory). Having a unique keyed file that when created may contain standard sculptor system files relocation rules.

The idea is to provide the needed flexibility to Sculptor application developers to organize the Sculptor files in a different structure that fits better with their own application files.

How it works

The System Sculptor files relocation service uses the $SCULPTOR/scsfr keyed file (this is the only file that cannot be relocated) to configure the files to relocate.

The setting up of the whole service can be done with the suplied $SCULPTOR/sbin/scsfrmgt.q report program. This is the recomended way of configuring it, but can also be configured directly modifying the $SCULPTOR/scsfr file.

We check the Source pathname for each Sculptor System file accesed (pathname relative to $SCULPTOR):

  1. First the exact filename relative to the $SCULPTOR directory

  2. The filename without extension (if it has one)

  3. The filename without any trailing numbers

  4. Parent subdirectory

  5. Parent subdirectory of the parent subdirectory (and so on)

  6. “” (empty = Default entry)

Once a match is found the matched Source part in the Sculptor path is replaced with the Destination to obtain the final file location.

For example to relocate the default audit database keyed files to another directory: