New in version 6.1.0: See the new features.

Disable mirror on server for a specific mirror database


Disable mirror on server


  • sage/srep:

    mirror_disable(server, “filename”)

    Note: server can be a server name string or a server IP address. If server is NULL then the current standalone program is afected

  • KfLib* (DNet, Java and Cpp):


  • SQL Engine (sql command and ScODBC):

    MIRROR DISABLE “table”


  • The call is based in a normal file that happens to be mirrored due the server configuration.

  • After disabled, the mirrored files that use the same MirrorDbType, MirrorDbSource and MirrorDbFlags, won’t be mirrored when opened (does not afect other files currently opened).

The return value is 0 (K_OK) if successful or a keyed file error code otherwise


To disable the mirror on server in localhost server for all files sharing the same mirror as the specified file:

tmp.kfStatus = mirror_disable("localhost", "/server/keyed/file/pathname")


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