The Sculptor report/batch processing language is identical to the screen language in structure, declarations, commands and built-in functions, However, as it is designed primarily for the production of reports and for batch processing, a number of additional declarations, commands and functions, which would be inappropriate for use in a screen form context, are also provided.

The report language elements are specifically designed for the batch processing of Sculptor keyed files, and enable sophisticated reports to be created and generated quickly and easily. Page management, headers and footers, report titles, data alignment, printer control and complex file manipulations are handled automatically. The language has many useful default actions, but the programmer is free to override them as required.

Reports may be compiled for use with the Sculptor print manager, the Windows Print Manager or in the standard Microsoft rich text format, suitable for loading and viewing by programs such as WordPad and Word. A full set of Windows printing interface functions is provided.

Since version 5 Sculptor includes an interpreter module, capable of running a standard Sculptor report program, a Sculptor HTML file or both. Web pages created with this interpreter (nph-srep) can be accessed by all Internet users; there is no requirement that Sculptor be installed on their machine.

The run time interpreter srepwc has full ODBC/client-server capability.