ODBC - Optimising performance - Command choice and reportsΒΆ

Optimising performance with ODBC - Command choice and reports

Commands that lock records run slower than read-only commands. Avoid using next, prev, find and match if the record will not be updated. Use nextu, prevu, findu and matchu instead.

If the driving file is open in update mode, a run report command will read and lock records even if the report logic does not update them, because Sculptor cannot determine in advance that an update command will not be used. The report will run faster if the file is open read-only and much faster if the batch_read flag is also ON. The existing state of the batch_read flag can be saved before running the report.

The openfile command can be used to change the mode of an already open file without the need to supply a filename. Sculptor closes and re-opens the file only if it is not already open in the required mode.


tmp.save_batch_read = File1->batch_read
openfile File1 read
run report Report1
openfile File1 update
File1->batch_read = tmp.save_batch_read



Optimising performance with ODBC