Printer parameter filesΒΆ

A Sculptor report program requires a printer parameter file which contains information specific to the printer on which the report is to be output. The parameter file can be specified in the command line every time a program is run, defaulting to the file named printer. This enables the same report to be generated for output to different printers, or to the screen, without any changes being made to the program code. Alternatively, the programmer can specify the printer parameter file to be used in the program code, if this is more appropriate.

A report program which contains several reports is not restricted to the use of a single parameter file.

The run report command has an optional ppf = clause which allows a printer parameter file to be specified, over-riding the default.

A comprehensive set of standard printer parameter files is provided with the Sculptor system. These basic files may be enhanced by the user; for example, user-defined control sequences may be entered in addition to the standard control sequences provided. Parameter files are provided for use with Windows Print Manager, and for viewing report output in rich text format.

The parameter file contains sequences for different paper sources, page size and orientation. It is therefore possible to use a single parameter file and yet achieve all these variations of output.