Printer parameter files - Section 2: GENERAL INFORMATIONΒΆ





Colour/mono printer (C/M) = M


Print manager (S-Sculptor, W-Windows, R-RTF) = S


Print overflow text on next page (Y/N) = N

The entries in this section define general printer properties.


Varies according to the property type.


Reserved for use by Sculptor.


Colour or monochrome printer. Set to C or M.


Print mode.

S = Sculptor Print Manager. Sculptor controls the printer, and printing is done directly to a port. Raw sequences are defined in the printer parameter file. This option is normally used on UNIX and DOS systems, but it can also be used with PrintManager, making it possible to use standard escape sequences and printer command languages such as PCL. Otherwise this mode is of little use with Windows.

W = Windows Print manager, which requires control sequences to be in the form of text strings.

R = Rich Text Format, which contains the codes to create rich text files which can be loaded by programs such as NotePad, WordPad and Microsoft Word.


Print overflow text on next page. Set to Y or N.

On Windows, text that is printed below the bottom of the current page is lost. This can happen if the need command is not called at the correct time. If this entry is set to Y, Sculptor checks for this and prints any overflow text on the next page.

This entry was added in Sculptor V. 5.1 The default value was set to N, in order to avoid changing the behaviour of existing programs that printed an extra blank line at the bottom of the page. Setting this entry to Y would cause a blank page to be generated in such cases.


Printer parameter files

Structure of a parameter file