Retrieving a property at run time

The structures:


may also be used to retrieve the current setting of a property. They may be used in any situation where a field name would be valid. The value may be used for a conditional test, or may be assigned to another field. Different clause types produce different data types.

The parent() function is used to retrieve the parent of a window or window control.

Flag-type properties, several of which may be set at a time (such as Style, Edit mode) are tested by means of the bitwise and operator (&). The clause evaluates to non-zero (TRUE) if the object is in the state being tested, otherwise zero (FALSE).


1 Display window title in info popup

info “Window1 title is ” + Window1->title

2 Conditional test on window’s maximum width

if (Window2->maxwidth < 340)

3 Test a textbox for an edit mode flag

if (DateBox1->mode & EM\_READONLY)


Property clauses

Modifying a property at run time