ddeditor: Creating data dictionariesΒΆ

The Sculptor data dictionary editor

This program is used to create and amend Sculptor data dictionaries. A data dictionary defines the fields of a Sculptor keyed file and any associated secondary indexes.

The main screen is divided into three logical areas.

Properties of the main index and of the data dictionary as a whole are displayed at the top left.

Properties of the main index fields are displayed in the main table. This table includes all the most commonly used properties. The Field details screen, which can be opened by a right mouse menu or by a button, displays all the properties of a field.

Secondary indexes are displayed at the bottom of the screen. One index is displayed at a time, with its fields listed in a table.

If the path of a data dictionary is sent as an argument to the editor, it is displayed automatically when the program loads.

The data dictionary editor is written in Sculptor. The program is called ddeditor.q, and it is located in the $SCULPTOR\ddeditor directory, together with the batch file ddeditor.bat. A second version of ddeditor, ddeditor500.q, is provided for use with very large files.


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