Company Profile

Sculptor Ltd has been supplying development tools to the IT industry since 1981. Our main focus throughout has been Sculptor itself, an application development system which has stood the test of time from the era of character based terminals to the present day environment of windows and the internet.

Today our scope has been widened to include consultancy over a wide range of IT applications. Applications developed in Sculptor are trusted for use in tens of thousands of enterprises across the world. Because of its recognised reliability, performance, flexibility and unrestricted portability, Sculptor has found a place in many application areas.

These include: Medicine, The Law, Education, Point of sale, Accounting, Stock holding, Freight forwarding and distribution, Automated car parking systems, Coin dealers, Sporting events, Airline booking and administration systems, Trading standards and other local authority applications, Personnel management and recruitment, e-Commerce.

For many years of its working life, Sculptor was the database chosen by NASA to maintain a history of all maintenance work undertaken on the Space Shuttle.

Today, Sculptor continues its tradition of supplying a thoroughbred development tool in addition to offering consultancy services. If you are looking for development tools, consultancy or for business and technical software, contact us and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.