Latest Developments

Sculptor 6.2.1 was released 25 July 2019

This is a fix/enhanced version of the Sc6.2.0 version, see what's fixed/enhanced.

Sculptor 6.2.0 was released March 2019

For a full list of new features, see the Sculptor 6.2 online manual.

Sculptor 2.7 was released 29 June 2019

Sculptor 2.7 is a legacy version updated to work with the Sculptor 6.2 server

Please visit the manuals page for Sculptor 2.7 release notes

Sculptor 6.1.6 was released 15 December 2016

Sculptor 6.0

Major new features introduced in Sculptor 6 are:

  1. Native Sculptor ODBC driver.
  2. Optimised SQL92 query engine in the Sculptor server.
  3. Mirrored updates in the Sculptor server (option).
  4. ODBC connections in the Sculptor server (option).
  5. Rapid sorting of arrays using a new sort function.
  6. Improved Windows .NET DLL supporting new server features.
  7. Improved Keyed File API for C supporting the new server features.
  8. New Keyed File API for use with Java (6.0.5).

The client/server improvements in Sculptor 6 make SQL an integral part of Sculptor and substantially improve the performance of SQL queries on Sculptor files. The options to move mirrored updates and ODBC connections from client to server further improve performance and can reduce the number of client licences needed when using third party SQL databases.

For a full list of new features, read the release notes here.

Windows Mobile

The Sculptor client is available for handheld computers such as PDA's and Mobile phones running versions of the Windows Mobile (Windows CE). Sculptor programs on these devices work in client/server mode to a Sculptor server on Windows or Unix over a LAN or the Internet.

Contact for further information.