Developers Using Sculptor

The flexibility of the Sculptor language allows it to be used to develop programs for a wide and varied range of complexity, from small, stand-alone programs through to fully integrated commercial applications. Many such applications written in Sculptor and in use today started life in a more basic form, evolving over many years into their current state.

Programmers who use the Sculptor language can testify to the ease of developing and maintaining their software in line with ever-changing business requirements and evolving computer technologies. All this is made easier by Sculptor's commitment to backward compatibility when it releases new versions.

Some suppliers of Sculptor developed applications:


Civica is a market leading supplier of environment and public protection systems. Over 240 councils use Civica systems for core regulatory and enforcement functions from environmental health, trading standards and licensing to anti social behaviour and waste management. Civica's Trading Standards software is a derivative of the first such application for PCs, developed by Sculptor Ltd in 1982.

IPT - Information Process Technology

IPT are based in Australia. They supply Consulting Services and Technology Applications for a variety of applications, including Business-to-Business Development, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing and Distribution.


Advances supply a complete and comprehensive range of applications for the legal profession. Their software is used by private practice law firms, local government and corporate business.

OGL Computer Services Group

OGL Software is a leading provider of ERP solutions for stockists, distributors, merchants and wholesalers across the UK. Built on over 40 years' experience, our in-house team of developers have created a suite of solutions, including the latest addition to our ERP portfolio, Profit4, to manage a range of key business processes including: CRM, Sales Order Processing, Stock Control & Management, Accounts & Invoicing, Sales Analysis, Shopping Channel Integration (i.e. eBay and Amazon) and eCommerce integration. ...more

Vixsoft Systems

Vixsoft have a complete range of freight storage and movement software and are another company who have been developing with Sculptor for almost 30 years.