Textbox property clauses

All clauses except the field = clause are optional.

Certain property clauses can be defined at group level. See Textbox group property clauses.

field = field_id
index = integer
Linked field (compulsory).
Element of linked field.

See Textbox linked field.

label = “text
label_font = “text
label_bgc = rgb_value
label_fgc = rgb_value
label_pen = integer
Screen heading.
Font for the label.
Label background colour.
Label foreground colour.
Pen for the label.

See Textbox label.

data_font = “text
data_bgc = rgb_value
data_fgc = rgb_value
data_pen = integer
Font for the data.
Data background colour.
Data foreground colour.
Pen for the data.

See Textbox data.

caption = “text
caption_pen = integer
Text for help caption.
Pen for display of help caption.

See Textbox caption.

width = integer
height = integer
rows = integer
Width of textbox in pixels or characters
Height of textbox in pixels or characters
Number of vertical elements.

See Textbox size.

palette = integer

Palette number.

style = flags

Style flags.

mode = flags

Edit mode flags.

format = “text

Format for data.

tooltip = “text

Text for tooltip.

event = func_id
help = func_id
validate = func_id
event_enable = flags
Event function.
Help function.
Validation function.
Enabled events.

See Textbox events and functions; The event _enable clause.

Run time only

[[window_id.]group_id.]box_id->xcreate = int_expression
[[window_id.]group_id.]box_id->ycreate = int_expression

Co-ordinates at which the textbox is created. See Position (initial).

[[window_id.]group_id.]box_id->tab_order = int_expression

Position in the parent window’s tab sequence. See Tab order.

Run time read-only

[[window_id.]group_id.]box_id->row_width =
[[window_id.]group_id.]box_id->row_height =
Width of a row in pixels or characters
Height of a row in pixels or characters

See Textbox size.

[[window_id.]group_id.]box_id->state &

Current state.


Operating system handle.

[[window_id.]group_id.]box_id->xorig =
[[window_id.]group_id.]box_id->yorig =

The original creation co-ordinates of the textbox. See Position (initial).

[[window_id.]group_id.]box_id->xposn =
[[window_id.]group_id.]box_id->yposn =

Current co-ordinates. See Position (current).



Property clauses