Textbox label

label = “text”

The label for the textbox. If this clause is omitted, the heading of the linked field (the field specified in the field = clause) is used. If the linked field has no heading the ultimate default is the field_id.

If the textbox does not have a rows = clause, or has this value set to 0, the label is displayed to the immediate left of the box. If a default label is used, it is positioned such that there is a single space between the label and the actual box. If the label = clause is used, this space must be included in the text if required.

If the textbox has rows set to a non-zero value, the label is displayed above the boxes. By default it is centred, but the position may be altered by means of style flags.

Textbox labels are implemented internally as child windows, which means that simple text displayed in the window cannot overwrite the label of a textbox.

Default: Heading of linked field, defaulting to the field_id if no heading specified.


label = "Date "   /* Space separates label from box */
label = "Cost"    /* No space; label adjacent to box */

label_font = “text”

Font for the textbox label. See Fonts.

Default: The window font.

label_bgc = rgb_value
label_fgc = rgb_value

Background and foreground colours for the label. See Colours.

Default: For a textbox group or ungrouped textbox, the defaults are the parent window’s label colour values. For a grouped textbox, the defaults are the group label colours.

Label_pen = integer

Pen for the label. Any suitable pen from the textbox palette may be used. See Pens. From Sculptor 5 onwards, with the introduction of Colour clauses, it is recommended that the label_bgc and label_fgc clauses are used in preference to label_pen.

Default: In a Sculptor palette, PEN_TEXTBOX_LABEL (28).


label_pen = PEN_BOLD_REVERSE