Pens can be used to specify the colour for the display of data, labels, titles and graphics.

Normally the default pens are used. However, windows and window objects have pen clauses available (all ending with _pen = e.g. data_pen =, caption_pen =) enabling a different pen to be defined for any type of screen display.

Every pen has a default assigned for Sculptor windows. If a Windows palette is in use, the default is the pen style used by that palette; the pen number listed as the default is not relevant.

Usually, only pens from the current palette are available. However, if a pen number is assigned by the programmer to a window or control which is using the default Windows palette, the pen with that number from the default Sculptor Windows palette, PAL_WINDOW (11) is used.

Pen names are defined in the include file $SCULPTOR/include/sculptor.h with the prefix PEN_. See Pen names for a list of the values available. Each name defines a number; the number corresponds to the similarly numbered sub-entry defining a pen in Section 12 of the terminal parameter file.


From Sculptor 5 onwards, the recommended method of defining colours is to use Colours wherever available. Palettes and pens are still required for backward compatibility.


label_pen = PEN_MULTI_LABEL
data_pen = PEN_BOLD_BLUE


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Pen names

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