Terminal parameter filesΒΆ

The Sculptor screen form language requires a terminal parameter file which corresponds to the type of terminal on which the program is being run. It contains information specific to the terminal, and is used by Sculptor to control screen input and output. At run time, Sculptor reads the parameter file for the terminal on which it is running. This means that Sculptor screen form programs can be freely run on different terminals without any changes being made to the program code.

The terminal parameter file contains all the information necessary for running Sculptor under Sculptor character windows or in a GUI implementation. An entry in Section 2 defines which type of window mode is in use.

Almost all modern terminals are suitable for running Sculptor, and a single system may be simultaneously run on a number of different terminal types. It is not possible however to guarantee that Sculptor will work with a particular terminal. Parameter files are provided for both monochrome and colour terminals, and Sculptor will run equally well on either, though colour terminals provide much greater scope, especially for the design and display of window styles.

A comprehensive set of standard terminal parameter files is provided with the Sculptor system. These basic files may be enhanced to define new window styles. The utility compterm is used to compile new parameter files, or changes to existing files.