compterm: Compiling a terminal parameter file


Compile a terminal parameter file


compterm [-p] filename [filename] …

The utility compterm reads a source code terminal parameter file and creates from it a compiled version in binary form which can be read by Sculptor. The source file is a straightforward text file which may be edited using any text editor. Any changes to a source file must be compiled if they are to be reflected in the behaviour of the terminal.

The filename is the name of the source code file which is to be compiled. All source code terminal parameter files must have a .s extension.

When a source file is successfully compiled with compterm, the compiled form is output to a file which bears the same name as the source, but with a .v extension replacing the .s.

If the source file could not be compiled, self-explanatory error messages are issued. Wherever appropriate, the line is printed, together with an arrow indicating the error. No output file is created, and if one already existed it remains unchanged.



Place the output file in the Sculptor term directory, regardless of the location of the source file. If the -p flag is absent, the output file is placed in the same directory as the source file.


Terminal parameter files