Physical files required for a terminal parameter fileΒΆ

Each terminal parameter file requires two actual files, the source file (which has a .s extension) and the compiled file (which has a .v extension). The source is a text file which may be amended or created by means of a text editor. Sculptor does not use the information in this form. It must first be compiled into a binary form. The compterm utility is used for this purpose. It creates from the source file a compiled terminal parameter file which is used by Sculptor at run time.

All source code terminal parameter files must have a .s extension. The name of the file generally indicates the terminal type for which it is intended.

Here are some examples of source parameter files which are provided with the Sculptor system:


Monochrome ansi terminal


Colour PC terminal


Standard parameter file for running Sculptor under Windows

When a source file is successfully compiled with compterm, the compiled form is output to a file which bears the same name as the source, but with a .v extension replacing the .s. Therefore, the compiled forms of the example source files above are ansim.v, dospcc.v, and mswin.v. These are provided along with the source files. It is only necessary to recompile a source file if it has been changed.


Terminal parameter files