Position (initial)

xcreate, ycreate - run time clauses

SYNTAX (windows)

window_id->xcreate = int_expression
window_id->ycreate = int_expression

SYNTAX (objects)

[[window_id.]group_id.]object_id->xcreate = int_expression
[[window_id.]group_id.]object_id->ycreate = int_expression

The xcreate and ycreate clauses allow the initial x and y co-ordinates of a window or object to be changed, and enable the retrieval of these co-ordinates. The values provided replace the original values ascribed to x and y. The xcreate and ycreate properties can be changed when the window or object is in the created state, but note that this does not move the object. The new position takes effect the next time it is created.

Moving an object to a new position may also be achieved by means of the move command, which takes effect immediately, but does not affect the initial co-ordinates.

These properties may be applied to all objects except groups, menus and menu items.

These structures may also be used to retrieve the position at which an object was created:

tmp.WinCol = window_id->xcreate
tmp.WinRow = window_id->ycreate

The fields ‘tmp.WinCol’ and ‘tmp.WinRow’ now contain the co-ordinates which are used to position the top left corner of the window whenever it is created. However, if the window has been moved since being created these values do not return its current position. The xposn and yposn run time clauses are used for this purpose.

Note that if the values of xcreate and ycreate have been modified at runtime, the xorig and yorig clauses can be used to retrieve their original values.

These clauses return values in accordance with the grid type being used. See Pixel and character positioning.

xorig, yorig - run time read-only clauses

SYNTAX (windows)


SYNTAX (objects)


The xorig and yorig clauses are run-time read-only properties that return the original creation co-ordinates of a window or object. They contain the same values as xcreate and ycreate if these have not been changed at runtime.


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