Static text property clauses

All clauses are optional, though unless a label is specified the control serves no purpose.

label = “text
label_font = “text
label_bgc = rgb_value
label_fgc = rgb_value
label_pen = integer
The text to appear on the screen.
Font for the text.
Background colour of the text.
Foreground colour of the text.
Pen for the text.

See Static text label.

height = integer
width = integer

Height and width of the static text box. See Static text size.

palette = integer

Palette number.

style = flags

Style flags.

event = func_id
event_enable = flags
Event function.
Enabled events.

See Static text events and functions; The event _enable clause.

Run time only

[window_id.]text_id->xcreate = int_expression
[window_id.]text_id->ycreate = int_expression

Co-ordinates at which the static text is created. See Position (initial).

Run time read-only


Operating system handle.

[window_id.]text_id->xorig =
[window_id.]text_id->yorig =

The original creation co-ordinates of the static text. See Position (initial).

[window_id.]text_id->xposn =
[window_id.]text_id->yposn =

Current co-ordinates. See Position(current).


Static text

Property clauses