Static text events and functionsΒΆ

event = func_id

The name of the function to be called when an event occurs for the static text.


The user has pressed the text hotkey during a dialog.

The function is called as follows:

func_id(EV_SELECT, text_id)

The hotkey is assigned by means of the label = clause.

If more than one hotkey is defined for a single static text control, all but the last are ignored.

If the same hotkey is used for more than one static text control, pressing it generates the EV_SELECT function for all of them in turn.

The user has clicked down or released the right mouse button on the text.


The user has moved the mouse over the text during a dialog.


These events are not generated by default; they must always be specifically requested for the graphic by means of the event_enable = clause, e.g.

event_enable = EV_DEFAULT | EV_MOUSE_OVER

New events may be added in the future. See Event functions.

Event enable flags

event_enable = flags

This clause is used to select the event codes which are to be enabled for the static text.

Default: The standard set of events listed under the event = clause above.

See The event_enable clause.


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