Static text label

label = “text”

The text to appear on the screen. This should always be specified.

image0A character in the label which is preceded by an ampersand (&) is the hotkey for the static text label. The ampersand is not displayed on the screen. The hotkey stands out when the label is displayed, by, for example, the use of a different colour, reverse or underline. When the user presses the hotkey character during a dialog, the EV_SELECT event is generated for the static text. See Static text events and functions.

In this example,the static text items have the hotkeys t and f.

To use the font and colours of the current Windows theme, assign the text the style flag WS_THEMED.

label_font = “text”

Font for the label. See Fonts.

Default: The window font.


The textlength() function returns the number of character positions a text string in a specified font will occupy when displayed in a window with a different data font.

label_bgc = rgb_value
label_fgc = rgb_value

Background and foreground colours for the label. See Colours.

Default: The parent window’s label colour values.

label_pen = integer

Pen for the label. Any suitable pen from the current palette may be used. See Pens. From Sculptor 5 onwards, with the introduction of Colour clauses, it is recommended that the label_bgc and label_fgc clauses are used in preference to label_pen.

Default: In a Sculptor palette, PEN_NORMAL (21).


label_pen = PEN_BLUE


Static text