scconfig command line syntaxΒΆ

The scconfig program has the syntax

scconfig [-c filename] [-f filename] [-q]


-c filename

Starts scconfig in normal interactive mode, but, when the program exits, saves the licence information that has been entered or viewed to the file specified in filename, instead of updating the registry. Any existing file with the same name is overwritten.

The file is written in the format used by the -f option and so may be used to reinstate the registry values.

-f filename

This option enables Sculptor to be installed without any user intervention at all. It causes scconfig to read licence information from the specified file and to update the registry accordingly. This is a quiet mode operation. The information in the file must be valid, and no error messages are issued.

See Importing configuration from a file.


Run scconfig in quiet mode. This is useful when running scconfig as part of an application installation procedure; only the licence information needs to be entered. The remaining data can be provided automatically by the installation procedure, without this process being interrupted by information messages.

If the -c or -f option is used, the filename can be a valid path to kfserver | kfservnt, which must be running on the referenced server. See Servers. The -c and -f options cannot be used together.


The scconfig program