Page width in columns (sys.PageWidth)

!temp sys.PageWidth,,u2

Page width in columns

The page width in columns. The initial value is the first value defined in Section 3 (Standard control sequences) (entry 1) of the printer parameter file. The page width determines the initial font and font size. The initial (default) value can be reselected at any time by setting sys.PageWidth to 0.

The value of sys.PageWidth may be updated by direct assignment. If it is changed, and page width control sequences are defined in the printer parameter file, the print compression is changed if necessary. Sculptor selects the smallest font which can accommodate this width using the width sequences defined in the printer parameter file. This may cause a new font to be selected. Sculptor also updates sys.PageLength to the page length in the printer parameter file that corresponds to the selected width.

If there is no width in the printer parameter file which exactly matches the one required, the next higher width, if any, is set. If there is no higher width, the largest width is set.

When a proportional font is selected, the width is treated as a number of fixed width characters, each the width of the character “0” in that font. This character is used by Sculptor as the nominal character whenever proportional fonts are in use.


An alternative method of changing the current font is the setfont function. When this function is used, Sculptor sets the value of sys.PageWidth from the nominal character size of the selected font.


sys.PageWidth = 96


Using proportional fonts