Page length in lines (sys.PageLength)

!temp sys.PageLength,,u2

Page length in lines

The page length in lines. This value is used to determine when to start a new page, when to issue headings and footnotes, and when calculating the number of lines left on a page (stored in sys.LinesLeft).

The initial value is taken from Section 3 (Standard control sequences) in the printer parameter file.

The value of sys.PageLength may be updated by direct assignment.

If sys.PageLength is changed, and page control sequences are defined in the printer parameter file, the printer’s page length is changed if necessary. Generally, it makes sense to set this value once before any printing takes place. It is preferable to avoid changing sys.PageLength unless really necessary, since it defines, within the program, the depth of the paper in the printer, overriding the paper depth setting in the printer parameter file.

It may be useful to alter sys.PageLength in cases such as pre-printed payslips, where the length of the report is fixed. This allows the report to be tested on ordinary paper without adversely affecting other users of that printer.

Another situation where it is useful to change sys.PageLength is where a program uses a larger font on some lines, such as column headings, and then resets the font for the main body of the report. It may then be necessary to adjust sys.PageLength to a smaller value, in order to allow for the extra height caused by the headings, Otherwise, Sculptor will try to fit too many lines onto the page.

If sys.PageWidth is assigned a value at run time, Sculptor assigns to sys.PageLength the page length corresponding to the selected width in the printer parameter file.

If the value of sys.LineHeight is changed, sys.PageLength is altered to the correct value for that line height based on the current page size. This over-rides the page length in the printer parameter file. If the value of sys.LineHeight is zero, sys.PageLength is also automatically updated when a new font is selected.


sys.PageLength = 40


Using proportional fonts