Tables - troubleshootingΒΆ

A file-driven table fails to scroll smoothly.

When the scroll bar is moved quickly on a file-driven table, Sculptor has to determine the correct set of records to display for each new position of the scroll bar. The scroll bar position indicates that record N is required where N is between 1 and the number of keys in the index. The exact record could be determined by reading the index sequentially from the beginning, but this would be very slow.

Instead, Sculptor estimates the Nth record by assuming that the index is reasonably balanced. After many insertions and deletions an index can become very unbalanced, and the table no longer scrolls smoothly. In particular, a jump is often seen when the scroll bar reaches the beginning or end of the table as Sculptor notices the error and compensates for it. Smooth scrolling can be restored by using kfri to rebuild the index. The front end program for kfri is the Sculptor File Manager.