Graphic events and functions

Event function

event = func_id

The name of the function to be called when an event occurs for the graphic.


The user has clicked the mouse within a graphic image during a dialog.

The function is called as follows:

func_id(EV_SELECT, graphic_id, xpos, ypos)

xpos and ypos are the co-ordinates of the mouse relative to the top left corner of the image.

This clause is only relevant to image graphics (those whose type = GT_IMAGE).


The user has moved the mouse over the graphic during a dialog.


This event is not generated by default; it must always be specifically requested for the graphic by means of the event_enable = clause, e.g.

event_enable = EV_DEFAULT | EV_MOUSE_OVER

New events may be added in the future. See Event functions.

Event enable function

event_enable = flags

This clause is used to select the event codes which are to be enabled for the graphic.

Default: The standard set of events listed under the event = clause above.

See The event_enable clause.



Event functions