scdebug: The Sculptor debug programΒΆ

The Sculptor debug program is called scdebug. It enables a compiled program to be executed in a controlled fashion, stepping through the program code line by line.

Breakpoints can be set, specifing points where program execution is to halt and control to return to the debug program.

The user can view the current function stack, or the current value of any field, including data dictionary fields, temporary variables and Sculptor system variables, at any point during program execution, thereby tracing program flow and isolating bugs. The value of a field can be changed at run time.

Multiple source code files are supported, and the user may move rapidly and easily around and between source files.

Debug settings, including breakpoints and a list of watched fields, may be saved at the end of a session.


Another aid to debugging Sculptor programs is the dbgmsg program, which displays user-defined debug messages in a table.

Command line syntax

Files and directories created by scdebug

Toolbar options


Program state



Watched fields

Terminating the debug program