Client cache service - File attributes

Since Sculptor version


New attributes have been added to the ![o]file to activate and configure the client cache for that specific file.

cache_option attribute


Defines how the file is cached (it can even work with local files). Defined in sculptor.h:

  • CACHE_OFF: Means the file is not going to be cached (default value)

  • CACHE_ACCESS: Means only the accessed records are saved on the cache

  • CACHE_ALL: Means the entire file is copied to the cache when opened

  • CACHE_SHARED: Must be set with CACHE_ACCESS or CACHE_ALL. Means the cache is shared between clients. See shared cache.

cache_auto_refresh attribute

file_id->cache_auto_refresh = secs

Defines the refresh “policy”:

  • 0: Means the file must be refreshed manually (not refreshed otherwise). This is the default behaviour if not specified.

  • >0: a number of seconds to check if refresh is needed, invalidating the cache data in case the refresh is needed.


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