Executing a child task on a server

The exec command is used to execute a child task from within a Sculptor program:


exec text_expression [stdin = #channel] [stdout = #channel] [on server_name]

The optional on server_name clause is used to execute a process on a remote server. The server must be running the Sculptor keyed file server program kfserver | kfservnt.

If the text_expression ends with an ampersand (“&”), the process is started and the exec returns immediately. Otherwise, the exec waits, and the exit status of the process is returned in the Sculptor system variable sys.Status.

If a connection to the server cannot be made, sys.Status is set to -1.

It is not possible to use both the stdin = and stdout = clauses when using exec on a server. They are mutually incompatible.



Running Sculptor programs on a server