Converting a string to a valid URL parameter format


Convert a string to a valid URL parameter format



Convert the supplied string into a string that is always valid as a parameter in a URL.

This function should always be used when creating a parameter for a URL, because some characters in a URL have a special meaning. The function replaces any such characters with their equivalent escape sequence. For example:

Uncoded string

Converted string



The “=” character has a special meaning and has therefore been replaced.

The function returns the converted string.


The web_decode() function decodes a string encoded by this function.

New in version 6.3.0: See the new features.

The character conversion honors the value set in sys.CharSetEncodeFrom and sys.CharSetEncodeTo, so that the string received is supposed to be sys.CharSetEncodeFrom encoded while the result is converted into the sys.CharSetEncodeTo encoding.


print "<A HREF='" + encode_session_url(SREP_NAME + "?stock&STOCK=" \
     / web_encode(STOCK)) / "'>Return to product</A>"

print "<A HREF='" + encode_session_url(SREP_NAME + "?content.sch&SCPROG=scust&CUST=" \
     / web_encode(o_cust)) / "'>"; c_name; "</A> "


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sys.CharSetEncodeFrom and sys.CharSetEncodeTo