New in version 6.3.0: See the new features.

Specify the internal and external encodingΒΆ


Configure the internal Sculptor encoding


Configure the external Sculptor encoding

The sys.CharSetEncodeFrom system variable defines the encoding that Sculptor uses internally in alphanumeric fields and string constants, so when encoding for compatible commands (see below), it defines the encoding to convert from when outputting and the encoding to convert into when inputting.

The sys.CharSetEncodeTo system variables defines the encoding that Sculptor generates externally (typically UTF-8 in web applications), so when sys.CharSetEncodeFrom is used to encode the source when outputting, sys.CharSetEncodeTo is the destination encoding, and vice-versa.

Sculptor uses the LibICU library to process conversions. The values that can be assigned to these variables are listed in the LibICU converter names and aliases.

The nph-srep commands, functions and tags that Sculptor encodes are:

These general functions (not specifically nph-srep) are also affected:

By default, sys.CharSetEncodeFrom is LATIN1 and sys.CharSetEncodeTo is UTF-8.


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