Retreiving the value of a web page parameterΒΆ


Retreiving the value of a web page parameter


get_web_value(param_name, field_id)

Store the value of the specified web page parameter into the specified field. The value is converted to the type of field_id. If the parameter has multiple values (e.g. a checkbox or radio button group) the field should be a single dimension array of sufficient size to contain all the values.

The function returns 0 (OK) or a negative value to indicate an error. The only possible error for this function is WWW_ERR_GENERAL (the parameter name was not found).


  • The read_web_values() function stores the values of all parameters sent by the web page.

  • To save a web parameter received file the method get_web_file must be used.

New in version 6.3.0: See the new features.

The character conversion honors the value set in sys.CharSetEncodeFrom and sys.CharSetEncodeTo, so that the string received is supposed to be sys.CharSetEncodeTo encoded while the result is converted into the sys.CharSetEncodeFrom encoding.


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