Retreiving names of all web page parameters


Retreiving names of all web page parameters



Store the names of all parameters on the web page. The parameter names are stored into successive elements of the specified array_field.

A web parameter can be:


An argument in the URL, appearing after the question mark and using the form NAME=value


Any input parameter in a field.

The function returns the number of names stored.


New in version 6.3.0: See the new features.

The character conversion honors the value set in sys.CharSetEncodeFrom and sys.CharSetEncodeTo, so that the string received is supposed to be sys.CharSetEncodeTo encoded while the result is converted into the sys.CharSetEncodeFrom encoding.

New in version 6.3.6: See the new features.

If the field array contains the “a” flag the dimension of the array will be automatically increased if necessary to the number of assigned cookie names.


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sys.CharSetEncodeFrom and sys.CharSetEncodeTo