Table edit mode

mode = flags

The following flags are available:


Prohibit selection and editing. Note that the event EV_DOUBLE_CLICK is sent even if this flag is set. Note that the cell_property record can be used to make a specific column read-only.


Allow multiple selections.


Don’t highlight the selected line(s). Functions relating to the selected line (e.g. is_selected(), set_selected()) work exactly as if the flag were not set.


Editable tables only. If an editable cell has focus, don’t highlight the entire line. A line can be highlighted by clicking on a non-editable cell.


Update both the source and display object when a cell loses focus. If this flag is not set, only the display object is updated. This flag is only relevant to tables whose source object is a file, record or array field. If the source object is a file, the file’s record buffer is updated but the record is not written back.

Default: The value of sys.EditMode.

If the table is editable, the cell_properties clause clause can be used to define a record containing edit mode flags for each column in the table.


Edit mode should not be confused with table edit type, which determines whether and how the content of cells in a particular column can be edited by the user, and which may be set by using a cell_property record.



Edit mode