OLE control property file

property_file = “filename

This optional clause specifies a file containing the initial properties for this control. It should only be used with OLE controls that specify an ole_id (i.e. not with controls that specify a link_id).

If the specified property file does not exist, it is created.

A property file can contain sub-storage units, each of which is used to store the properties of a particular object. The same file can therefore be used to store the properties for many controls, with each having its own unique sub-storage name. The following form is used:

property_file = “filename!Substorage1!Substorage2

The Sculptor program designer provides an easy way to edit the property file. When the OLE control is selected, if a property file has been specified the available properties for the control type appear under the Specific tab in the Property window, and may be amended.


This example declares a property file for a slider control. See the example program slider.f.

+ole Slider at 1,1 {
     event = evSlider
     ole_id = "COMCTL.Slider.1"
     caption = "Slider control"
     property_file = "slider.pf"


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