Animated graphics

The +|– graphic structure is used to define external animated files. An animated file has a .avi extension.

A graphic animation is defined by means of the following property clauses:

The type = clause is assigned the value GT_ANIMATE.

The image = clause clause defines the pathname of the animation file to be used. A sample animation file is provided in the directory $SCULPTOR/avi. Further .avi files can be created using a product such as GIF Animator. Note that animations containing sound cannot be played in Sculptor.

The following functions are provided for use with graphic animations:


Play a graphic animation


Display a frame from a graphic animation


Stop a graphic animation from playing

Transparent backgrounds for animated graphics

It is possible to display animated graphics with a transparent background.

The upper-left pixel of the first frame of the animation is interpreted as its background colour.

If an active, transparent colour has been defined for the graphic’s parent window, using the

transparent = rgb_value

clause, the animation’s background colour is remapped to the window background colour. The actual colour defined to be transparent is not relevant; it must, however, be active (RGB_ACTIVATE must be set). See Colours; Window colours .

The demo program $SCULPTOR/demo/misc/wintest.f includes an animated graphic.



Colour clauses

Window colours