Making a window or control visible


Make a window or window control visible


show object_id [, object_id]…

Makes visible the object or objects listed.

An object may be hidden because it has not been created (as in -textbox, or -window), because it has been destroyed, because it was created with the style flag WS_INVISIBLE, or because it has been removed from display by means of the hide command.

If the show command is used on an uncreated object, the object is created automatically.

The object’s visibility when next created is not affected. The style flag WS_INVISIBLE is used to change an object’s initial visibility.

Different object types may be freely mixed in a show command. The valid objects are:


Showing a window makes it visible and moves it to the foreground, so that it partially obscures any overlapping windows that are already displayed.

If more than one window is listed, the windows are displayed in the order they are named, so that the last window in the list will be the topmost.

Showing a window does not show all the controls within it. When a window is shown, only those controls that are visible are displayed. As controls can be updated while their window is hidden, the newly displayed window will not necessarily look the same as it did when it was hidden. Controls may have been displayed or hidden, or their properties altered, in the meantime.

The show command can be used on a window that is already visible, in order to move it to the foreground.

If the window is the child of a tab control window, the show command brings that window to the front, automatically hiding the window that was previously showing.


A textbox group or button group. This is equivalent to showing each button or textbox within the group individually.

box_id, button_id, graphic_id, listbox_id, table_id, text_id

A single object. If the object is a textbox, no subscript may be specified. All rows are shown. The show command is not relevant to menus, which are activated and deactivated by means of the open and close commands. The style flag WS_INVISIBLE is assigned to hide menu items and removed to show them.


  • Objects are removed from display means of the hide command.

  • An attempt to show an object that is already displayed is ignored, unless the object is a window, in which case it is moved to the foreground.


show Wintest
show Button22, HelpBox

switch (NumIndexes) {
     case = 0:
          hide IndexRect, IndexList, IndexButGroup

          show IndexRect, IndexList, IndexButGroup
          listbox_add(IndexList,IndexNames, 0)
          display IndexList
          set_selected(IndexList, 0, TRUE)