Specifying pixel or character grid typeΒΆ


Declare pixel or character positioning


!chargrid ON | OFF

This declaration tells the Sculptor compiler which type of grid to use.

!chargrid ON sets a character-based grid, based on the height and width of a screen character. This was the only positioning method available in earlier versions of Sculptor.

!chargrid OFF sets a pixel-based grid, which allows much greater accuracy in positioning windows and controls.

By default, !chargrid is OFF. However, the declaration !chargrid ON has been included in $SCULPTOR/include/local.h (which is itself included in $SCULPTOR/include/sculptor.h). This ensures that programs written in earlier versions of Sculptor compile as expected.

If converting to pixel positioning, do one of the following:


Remove the !chargrid ON declaration from local.h, and convert your programs to pixel positioning, adding the line !chargrid ON to any programs that remain unconverted.


Leave !chargrid ON in local.h, and add !chargrid OFF to any programs that are converted to pixel positioning, ensuring that the line is placed after:

!include <sculptor.h>

The positioning is vital because the compiler scc and the Sculptor program designer both honour the last !chargrid declaration that they encounter.


Pixel and character positioning