Configurable text filesΒΆ

Configurable text files

The text files are located in the directory $SCULPTOR/text. Frequently they provide different language translations of the same text. A group of related text files bears the same name, with only the extension differing. The extensions indicate the language or other nature of the text file. Examples of configurable text files for the Sculptor utility newkf are:


English text


Spanish text


French text

The use of these text files enables quoted text within the program to be obtained from a specified file, rather than being hard-coded. This is particularly valuable for the purpose of enabling the same program to be run in different national languages without the need to amend the program code. All headings, messages and on-screen help can be made to appear in the chosen language.

The use of configurable text files is however by no means restricted to language translation. The system may be used in any circumstances where it is desirable to be able to vary the contents of quoted strings within a program.

Several text files may be declared within a program, each of which must be given a textfile_id unique within the program.


The sctextw program