Editing a configurable text tem

Editing a configurable text item

Once an item is displayed, click with the mouse in any of the following textboxes to change them:

Number of text lines

This indicates the number of actual physical lines which make up the item. Any value from 0-255 is valid.

If new lines are added they appear at the end of the existing lines, empty but for the < character which always marks the end of text in each line.

WARNING: If the number of lines is reduced, lines are deleted from the end of the existing text. Any text contained in these lines is lost. It can only be retrieved by aborting all changes to the file by means of the Cancel button or ESC key.

Text length

This indicates the maximum length for any text line in the item (0-255 characters). It is not possible for any line in this item to exceed the stated number of characters.

If this figure is reduced, existing lines which exceed the maximum are truncated. The truncated text is lost permanently, unless it can be retrieved by aborting all the changes which have been made, by means of the Cancel button or ESC key.

Item text lines

These may be freely edited.

To move to a new line, click on it with the mouse, or move around by means of the UP and DOWN ARROW keys and the PAGE keys. These keys can also be used to change the display if the item contains more lines than are visible on the screen.

The < character indicates the position of the end of the line. Trailing spaces are therefore visible.

The RETURN key does not create a new line.

Text may be transferred to and from the clipboard by use of the usual keys:


Copy text to clipboard


Paste text from clipboard


Cut text and copy to clipboard

Text may not exceed the maximum number of characters specified for the item under Text length. If characters are entered in a line which is full, characters are truncated from the right of the line to compensate.

%s indicates a point at which the program will substitute a text string at runtime.

%d indicates a point at which the program will substitute a numerical string at runtime.

The ESC key or Cancel button may be used, if necessary, to abandon all the modifications made to the file since the last save. A warning is issued, and the program then exits without saving changes.


Although the Text Item box also accepts input, this is for the purpose of searching by item number, not for changing the item number of the currently displayed item. It is not possible to change an item’s number except by copying the text, deleting the item, adding a new item at the required position and pasting the copied text.


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