ODBC - limitations

ODBC - limitations

Sculptor’s ODBC interface has been tested with SQL Server, Oracle, Access, MySQL and PostgreSQL, but some ODBC drivers appear not to support record (row) locking and should only be used for updates in single user mode. The only SQL database that has passed all Sculptor’s record locking tests is SQL Server.

Oracle (with the Microsoft driver for Oracle but not with the native Oracle driver) and Access are safe in multi-user mode but work by returning the ue (update error) trap from the Sculptor write command when there is a conflicting update. Existing Sculptor programs must be modified to handle this trap in order to work safely with Access and Oracle in multi-user mode.

MySQL: In the ODBC driver, leave the “Dynamic Cursors” option unchecked. At the time of writing Sculptor does not work with MySQL if this box is checked. This may be a bug in the MySQL ODBC driver.