caption = “text
caption_pen = integer
caption_bgc | caption_fgc = rbg_value
caption_font = “text

Applicable to:
caption, caption_pen: buttons, listboxes, menu items, OLE controls, tables, textboxes
caption_bgc, caption_fgc, caption_font: windows

A caption is a brief piece of text to be displayed as a help message for a window object. If automatic help is being provided, the caption is displayed whenever the object has focus.

Captions are displayed on the bottom line of the window. If the bottom of the window is not visible, the lowest visible line is used. Captions may not occupy more than a single line.

Caption clauses applied to objects

caption = “text

The text to be displayed.

caption_pen = integer

Pen for display of caption text. Any suitable pen from the current palette may be used. This clause is applied at object level, and if set takes priority over colours set at window level.

Default: The default caption pen PEN_CAPTION (32).

Caption clauses applied to windows

caption_bgc | caption_fgc = rbg_value

Background colour and foreground colour and font for captions in the window. See Window colours.

caption_font = “text

Font for captions in the window. See Fonts.

Turning caption display on or off

The display of captions is controlled by the Sculptor system variables sys.Captions and sys.MenuCaption, both of which are by default ON.

sys.MenuCaption controls the display of menu item captions. If it is ON, captions are displayed; if it is OFF, they are not.

sys.Captions controls the display of all other captions. If it is ON, captions are displayed whenever the object has focus. If it is OFF, then an object’s caption is displayed only when the object has focus, the user presses the F1 help key, and no help function has been defined for the object.


caption = "Enter date complaint was received (DD/MM/YYYY)"
caption_pen = PEN_BOLD


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