OLE control styleΒΆ

style = flags

The following flags are currently available:


Create invisible.


Create disabled.


Stop the control from receiving input focus.


Only allow the control to receive input focus if the user clicks on it.


Send the license string to the control without querying the license status.

Some OLE controls generate an error popup when Sculptor calls a function to query their license status prior to sending a license string. The license string is supplied by the license = clause. Sculptor calls this function because it is possible that the control is already licensed on the machine, in which case sending the license string might itself generate an error. Setting the WS_AUTOLICENSE flag for an OLE control avoids this situation.


Define an OLE control as the default button for a dialog. The default button is given focus when no other push button in that window has focus.


Define an OLE control as the cancel button for a dialog.

The WS_CANCEL_BUTTON and WS_DEFAULT BUTTON styles, which are also available for push buttons, may each be applied to only one control in any window. If they are assigned at run time, Sculptor automatically removes the flag from any other control in the window with this style.

Default: No flags set.


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